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Access to the high mesas, deep canyons and wildlife habitat of the o6 Ranch provides numerous excursion, camping, birding, and photography opportunities.  Trail rides or hikes by visitors to the o6 can last for a few hours in an afternoon or extend over several days with overnight camping at different sites along the way.  While many enjoy walking or riding on horseback, those wishing to see more territory and wildlife in a shorter time could utilize ATVs to travel over our extensive trail network.  By whatever the means these excursions can extend into the most remote areas of the o6 Ranch.

Information on the scheduling and cost of the various excursions are provided upon request.
Kokernot o6 Ranch
PO Box 918 • Ft Davis, Texas 79734
Ranch Manager • Chris Lacy • ranch house: 432-426-3380 • cell: 432-556-6948 • chrislacy@rionet.coop
Ranch Forman • Rod DeVoll • ranch house: 432-837-3051 • cell: 432-386-3603
Hunting Manager • Lance Lacy • cell: 432-661-9695 • brandee@gvtc.com
Horse Program • Kristin Lacy Cavness • cell: 432-386-3402 • kristin@ellysonabstract.com
General Counsel • Kokernot 06 Ranch, Inc. and 06 Ranch, Ltd. • James J. Winn, Jr. • office:  410-580-4286
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